Electronic Watchdog (Kit)

Electronic Watchdog (Kit)

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SKU : K2655
Quantity on Hand : 1
Skill Level : Kit - Basic Soldering Required
ROHS Compliant

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A circuit that produces a natural sounding barking dog with a sensitive "ear" to everything that comes near it. It is a faithful watchdog, which never sleeps and never has to be taken out for a walk.


power supply: 2 x 8V AC or 9 - 12V DC / 500mA
choice of two different "dog sounds"
reacts to surrounding noise with adjustable sensitivity
speaker output: 2W at 4ohm
PCB dimensions: 5.6" x 3.0"

Extra Info
- Hints

If bark frequency is to low (very slow bark) reduce de value of C3 (ex. 1500pF).
If microphone is to sensitive, lower the value of R20 and increase the value of R2.
If there is a metallic background noise, put a 33pF capacitor from pin 7 of IC3 to ground.
Assembly manual
Illustrated assembly manual
Info Sheet

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